Dragoon Wind Attacker is TJ Thornton / Warrior Earth Mars' first bey in the Elemental Warrior's Beyblade Elemental Force series, TJ use this bey to win a battle for his town' kids beyblades back from a creep stealers. But Ethan Lee's Dranzer Fire Changer destroyed it & TJ build Dragoon Cyclone with Shelby, Steve, Raven, & his grandpa help to battle again. 

Bit chip: Dragoon - This Bit Chip depicts Ultimate Dragoon. It is both the first Bit Chip and the first Bit Chip for a Dragoon Beyblade. 

Attack Ring: Dragon Bringer - Dragon Bringer is the first Attack Ring ever produced and the first for a Dragoon Beyblade. The center is circular and has four dull protruding spikes arranged to resemble a cross with four very small protrusions that were designed for attack in right spin.  

Weight Disk: Wide - Wide is both the first Weight Disk ever produced and the first Wide Weight Disk. As its name suggests, this Weight Disk is very wide and has six sides forming a hexagonal shape.  It is also the Wide Weight Disk with the least amount of sides. 

Blade Base: Wind Griper - This blade base can make it go very fast in the stadium with powerful speed. Its gimmick lies within its namesake; the flat tip, which causes the Blade to move at wide and fast speeds, which are ideal for Attack Types & they offer longer endurance and spin time.

The attack: Blue Dragon Fire Wind Tornado Dive - this move allow Dragoon Wind Attacker to create a fire tornado to ride it up to the top, then dive down in full speed in the eye of the tornado on it's opponent.  

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